'A' Grade Re-Accredited by NAAC (Cycle II)
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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Gurucharan College was established on 21st September, 2005 and since then, it has become an indispensable part of the quality assurance system of the College. The IQAC of the College works with a view to developing and sustaining a system for the all-round development of the College.

The prime objective of the IQAC is to devise a mechanism for drawing up action plans for the overall academic as well as administrative improvement of the College. It tries to ensure the steady performance and growth of the academic, administrative and financial organs of the institution.


  • Curricular Aspect Sub- Committee (Criteria-I)
  • Teaching, learning and Evaluation Sub- Committee (Criteria-II)
  • Research, Innovation and Extension Sub- Committee (Criteria-III)
  • Infrastructure and Learning Process Sub-Committee (Criteria-IV)
  • Student Support and Progression Sub-Committee (Criteria-V)
  • Governance, Leadership Mnagement Sub - Committee (Criteria-VI)
  • Institutional Value and Best Practices Sub - Committee (Criteria-VII)
Convenor:-Dr. Munmun Bhattacharjee (9435374097)
1. Dr. Debipreeta Dutta (9954086443)
2. Dr. Pranay Brahmachary (9854405577)
3. Mr. Joyjit Mazumder (9401215073)
Convenor:-Mrs. Jayee Nath (9101463925)
1. Mr. Sudip Ch. Paul (9435070662)
2. Dr. L. Joy Chandra Singha (9435565756)
3. Dr. Debashish Sharma(9706535995)
Convenor:-Dr. Manabendra Nath (9435622540)
1. Dr. Rajarshi Krishna Nath (9401412645)
2. Dr. Keshab Luitel (7002339725)
3. Dr. Uttam Paluya (7002715079)
Convenor:-Dr. Seba Roy (9435072417)
1. Dr. Sarbani Dutta (9435173313)
2. Mr. Bijoy Brahma (8011790172)
3. Dr. Sehnara Begum Choudhury (9435078415)
Convenor:-Dr. Jaydeep Paul (9864877523)
1. Dr. Abhijit Paul (7896352385)
2. Mr. Rajdeep Purkayastha (8638433098)
3. Mr. Deepraj Chakraborty (9954242835)
Advisor: Prof. Jaydeep Bhattacharya
Convenor:-Dr. Moynul Hoque (9435724907)

1. Dr. Mehdi Hassan Chowdhury (9401288001)
2. Mr. Abhijit Jaiswal (7662806408)
3. Mrs. Manisha Goswami (7086619146)
Convenor:-Mr. Samarpan Nath (9435565938)
1. Mr. Nirupam Malakar (9435706878)

Formation of IQAC Notifications
Formation of IQAC 2021-22 Notification VIEW
Formation of IQAC 2020-21 Notification VIEW
Formation of IQAC 2019-20 Notification VIEW
Formation of IQAC 2018-19 Notification VIEW
Formation of IQAC 2017-18 Notification VIEW
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Minutes of the IQAC Meetings & Action taken Reports
Minutes of meetings of IQAC & Action taken Reports For Five Years from 2017-18 to 2021-22 VIEW
Minutes of meetings of IQAC & Action taken Reports for the Session 2021-22 VIEW
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Academic Calendars
Acacdemic Calender 2021-22 VIEW
Acacdemic Calender 2020-21 VIEW
Academic Calendar 2019-20 VIEW
Academic Calendar 2018-19 VIEW
Academic Calendar 2017-18 VIEW

Result Analysis
Result Sheet 21-22 VIEW
Result Sheet 20-21 VIEW

Feedback Report of All Stake Holders
Feedback Report of all Stake Holders 2020-21 VIEW

Important Documents
Government Memorandum-2.1.2 VIEW
Statement of Compliance VIEW

Service Rules
Service Rules VISIT PAGE

Organogram VIEW

Organization Structure
Organization Structure VIEW

ICT facilities
Smart Classroom Library VIEW
Smart Classroom Chemistry VIEW
Smart Classroom Biotechnology VIEW
ICT Room Botany VIEW
ICT Room Seminar Hall VIEW
Smart Classroom Room 34 VIEW

Strategic Plans:

Strategic Plan 2021-22 VIEW
Strategic Plan 2020-21 VIEW
Strategic Plan 2019-20 VIEW
Strategic Plan 2018-19 VIEW
Strategic Plan 2017-18 VIEW

ERP Documents:

ERP Document 2021-22 VIEW
ERP Document 2020-21 VIEW
ERP Document 2019-20 VIEW
ERP Document 2018-19 VIEW
ERP Document 2017-18 VIEW

Policy Documents:

Policy on maintaining an utilizing physical and academic support facilities VIEW
Policy document on award of scholarships VIEW
Library Policy VIEW
Policy on e-governance implementation VIEW
Policy document on Divyangjan friendly environment VIEW
Policy document on Clean and Green campus initiatives VIEW

Audit Reports
Internal Audit Report 2021-22 VIEW
Internal Audit Report 2020-21 VIEW
Internal Audit Report 2019-20 VIEW
Internal Audit Report 2018-19 VIEW